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After several administrations under Mike May, Pilar Graham and Sergio Ortiz's presidencies, Marcos del Pilar was elected new President of the USPA starting in December 2021.

A new Board of Directors was voted and the entire group teamed up for a new era of Padel in the United Staes of America.

Marcos del Pilar's team, drew their vision for the upcoming years as well as a new statement for the USPA:

The United States Padel Association (USPA) is the national governing body for the sport of Padel in the U.S. and the leader in promoting and developing the growth of Padel at every level - from local communities to the highest level of the professional game.

The USPA is the only Padel Association in the USA recognized by the International Padel Federation (FIP) and the American Padel Federation (APF).

A not-for-profit organization with more than 2,500 members, it invests 100% of its proceeds in growing the game. It has operated the Senior World Championship 2022, one of the highest-attended Padel events in the world, and some other International Tournaments.

It sanctions over 30 Circuit events throughout the U.S. and selects the National teams for the International competitions.

The USPA’s mission aims to increase exposure and participation in the USA as well as to support current and upcoming facilities to become more successful in their Padel journey. It works to raise standards of Padel and encourage investments within the Padel Industry nationwide while creating more and more value for players and fans by hosting some major international competitions and supporting the USA National Teams in all categories.

For more information about the USPA, go to or follow the official account on Instagram.

Part of this new administration's legacy was hosting the FIRST TIME PADEL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE USA. Del Pilar said:

"The event was the first time such a major Padel event has been held in the USA. Held at Real Racquet Academy Vegas (RRA Vegas), the event was a monumental success and showcased the USPA, and the United States is a growing destination for Padel. From the success of this event, the USPA is demonstrating that it is ready for bigger challenges and looking to host future events of this magnitude.

The USPA, FIP and APF delivered and one-of-a-kind event for more than 500 players. It’s been a long journey plenty of challenges, but we all went through all of them as a solid team. My most sincere thanks to all the participants and staff involved.

In my opinion, with this major success, The USPA, and the United States of America showed the entire world that we are ready for bigger challenges and willing to become an important piece of the exponential growth of Padel in the upcoming years all over the world.

We have been working very hard for years to set up the foundations of a sustain development by creating the right map of alliances and the umbrella to take Padel to the next level in North America.

We are extremely excited and motivated to lead both facilities, players, coaches and institutions to an unprecedented growth until we achieve our expectations of 30,000 courts and over 8M players by 2030.

Let’s have fun, enjoy the game, attract more and more players and above all this… LET’S MAKE A BETTER WORLD THROUGH PADEL!! "

The USA has approximately around 160 Padel courts now including both public and private ones. Although not a mainstream sport in the USA yet, Padel is growing in popularity. The number of Padel courts is set to double in 2022 as the USA is beginning to see the explosion in popularity that has occurred globally.

The USPA has around 2,500 members and we estimate a playing population around 4 times that number.

We are extremely focused on growing participation nationwide and creating the ecosystem for investors to build more courts and become very successful by implementing Padel in hundreds of American venues.



Padel was first introduced to the United States in 1993 by Ed Thompson and Felipe Arnold in Houston, Texas at the renown Houstonian Hotel Club and Spa. They were proud to have the very first ever padel court constructed at The Houstonian.

Felipe being a native of Argentina where padel made its initial successful debut was impressed with the growth of the sport in Argentina in just a few short years which inspired him to bring it to the United States.  One of the founders first goals was to form the very first ever men's US padel team. The first men's padel team was formed in 1993 by choosing six of the most elite tennis players in the Houston area. 

The first men selected for the U.S. Team where: Mike May, Scott Read, Matt Berry, Brian Poynter, Ross Persons and Peter Farrel.  Mike May the  team captain at the time eventually became the new president of the United States Padel Association in 1998 while continually playing professional padel as well. Mike has played and attended every world padel championships since 1994 and has seen the sport make great strides worldwide. His goal is to share how Padel can be a successful addition to any racquet club or business looking for diversity and a way to attract new customers much like the sport has done for The Houstonian which is one of the top facilities worldwide.